Blood Camp

Blood Camp


Our aim is to conduct blood donation awareness campaigns to encourage our country’s youth to donate blood so that lives may be saved, using creative slogans to motivate students. We also conduct annual training camps where blood donors meet to learn more about blood and its donation and to share their experiences with this program.

We are proud to organize blood donation camps and also to donate blood ourselves in the effort to save people’s lives. All people should be encouraged to donate blood willingly and voluntarily.


Blood is that magic potion which gives life to another person. There is severe shortage of blood for patients in many accident cases, for innocent children suffering from thalassemia, pregnant women, cancer patients and other people in life threatening situations and this is resulting in their death due to shortage of blood. We have started this project to promote awareness among people about blood donation and also to provide donors for the people in case of emergencies.

What makes us different?
  • Save lives: Each unit of blood collected can save 3 lives
  • Help the poor and the needy: Blood camps are mainly organized in connection with govt. blood banks thereby helping the poor.